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Supporting the Horse Industry in Texas

The Texas horse industry has a long history and a prominent place in our society. That history spans generations and has been bred into the fabric of our culture and the hearts of our people. 


Texas and Horses. A long standing tradition of respect and partnership. 


Whether from the working horses on ranches across the state, the rodeo horses that keep the cowboys and cowgirls going, the athletes thundering down a racetrack or the pony with a saddle that a young child is learning to ride; Texas’ connection with horses runs deep.


It’s up to all of us who care for these wonderful animals, and who work in or benefit from all of the commerce that surrounds this industry to keep the tradition thriving – and to hand it down to the next in-line.

This initiative is driven by the Texas Thoroughbred Association and other Texas horse associations. We are dedicated to providing information on the horse industry in Texas and the resources to connect with the many disciplines and breeds, and to helping those who care about horses in our state to share news of this treasured heritage with decision makers as they consider policies that make a difference to the industry.

For questions or more information about this initiative, contact us at

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