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Supporting Our Veterans

The Texas Horse Industry would like to thank all of our veterans of the armed services for their commitment to our nation. We admire and respect their dedication and we remain ever grateful for their sacrifices. Our industry is proud to support our veterans.

This year, the Texas Thoroughbred Association (TTA) and Texas Quarter Horse Association (TQHA) utilized HIEA funding to support horse programs that are intended to better the lives of our veterans.

The TTA awarded a $25,000 grant to Healing with Horses Ranch to support their equine therapy programs for our armed-services veterans, in addition to funding for 6 other equine therapy organizations. Healing with Horses Ranch is an equine-facilitated therapy center for at-risk individuals, veterans and people with disabilities. The supported programs promote increased independence and resilience through the power of the horse.

The TQHA awarded a $50,000 grant to ROCK (Ride On Center for Kids) for ROCK On Veterans, a program for active duty service members and veterans partnering with horses and veteran volunteers. The goal of this program is to improve the lives of servicemen and women who have suffered injury in the line of duty, helping them adjust physically and emotionally to their post-war lives.

The grant funding is part of the Horse Industry Escrow Account (HIEA), an initiative to foster the continued growth of the Texas horse industry. One important element of growing the horse industry in Texas is making sure that horses make career transitions through which the can continue to provide tangible contributions to society.

God bless our veterans, and God bless the United States of America.


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